Double Globus, Inc., the US subsidiary of Globus Srl, is proud to announce that Ed Traczyk and Reiner Welzel have joined the company. Globus, which has a long history of successes in supplying complete Coil Coating Lines, Tension Leveling Lines, Coaters and upgrades to CCL's, now further strengthens Double Globus operations in North and South America through Ed's and Reiner's experience.

Ed started his activity in the industry over twenty years ago at FATA Hunter in Riverside, California. His expertise encompasses design of complete CCLs and of their key components, customer assistance in definition of line characteristics, technology transfer, and proposals. His wide experience has gained him his current position on the Board of Directors of the National Coil Coating Association.

Reiner has an unparalleled experience, renown in the whole industry, with catenary and flotation Convection Ovens, IR Ovens and Dryers, Air Coolers and Afterburner Systems, having started his career as a thermal systems chief designer at Hunter Engineering (later on FATA Hunter) over 40 years ago.

Ed and Reiner have worked on CCL's projects in house and in the field in the USA and many countries around the world. With Ed and Reiner, Double Globus will have the expertise and the structure to serve its customers' rapidly and directly, defining with them the most suitable technical solutions first, and then developing the design and managing the project locally.

Ed and Reiner will also support Globus' activities worldwide, strengthening its position as the specialist designer and supplier of Coil Coating Lines for steel, aluminum and other metals.