Double Globus has entered into a contract with Nucor Corporation to provide the company’s sheet mill in Crawfordsville, Indiana with a new chemical coater. Nucor Corporation is the largest steel producer in the United States and largest mini-mill steelmaker.

The chemical coater will have multiple chemical product mixing and feeding systems for their galvanizing line at the Crawfordsville sheet mill. The chemical coater will replace an older technology to apply a passivation coating to the galvanized steel. This investment by Nucor continues the company’s commitment to advancing steel sheet technologies and products by acquiring a modern and high-efficiency machine to improve the surface treatment process.

Double Globus will supply a coater with fully automated controls and designed for precise coating application to the top and bottom sides of the strip by means of either forward or reverse coating capability. It will be fully integrated into the existing galvanizing line. The coater will the capability to traverse off-line for roll change, cleaning and maintenance without stopping the line or cutting the strip. Double Globus, Inc. is Globus’ subsidiary in the USA based in Colton, CA and can be reached at salesusa@globus-eng.com.

Globus S.r.l., based in Turin, Italy, can be reached at sales@globus-eng.com.