Globus is launching on a worldwide scale its Continuous Aluminium Coil Anodizing process after having successfully achieved the commissioning of the first line.

Globus Continuous Aluminium Coil Anodizing Line includes an alkaline cleaning section, followed by an etching process, a de-smutting section and the actual anodizing section. An electro-coloring section with the relevant hot sealing completes the process. The processed strips can be up to 80” (2,000 mm) width and have a maximum thickness of 0.12” (3 mm) to be used for high-end architectural applications. The process parameters of the Etching and Anodizing sections are automatically controlled to achieve the desired product quality irrespective of the operating speed.

The extraordinary anodization quality and surface appearance together with the outstanding results of the colored finishes allow for higher productivity and lower operating costs if compared to the traditional production in batches.
The Continuous Aluminium Coil Anodizing Line is an innovative product, different from the traditional lines that have made Globus a brand name in the market, known as a global supplier of Coating Lines and Coaters for aluminium, steel, galvanized steel and zinc. Globus S.r.l., based in Turin, Italy, can be reached at sales@globus-eng.com.

Double Globus, Inc. is Globus’ subsidiary in the USA based in Colton, CA and can be reached at salesusa@globus-eng.com.